A look at the UK-based bingo site, Bingo Besties.

Get ready for the best online bingo experience ever with Bingo Besties (UK). This bingo service might be perfect if you want to play online bingo with your closest pals.

Branding for Bingo Besties incorporates smiley faces with bulging eyes. Despite the site’s pleasant visual design, the technical performance was shockingly bad.

The site’s design prioritizes ease of use, and I had no trouble navigating it.

They focus mostly on online bingo, although they do provide a good selection of slot machines. For a site that prioritizes bingo, the selection of slot machines was adequate, but the site’s presentation of these games really annoyed me. It takes a long time to look through the slots because they are spread out across many pages, with just 8 games displayed on each page (depending on your screen size).

In comparison to the PC version, the mobile app was a huge improvement. If Bingo Besties and its ilk are serious about fixing their technological issues, they should hire a user experience designer.

There were only four steps required to complete my registration as a new player. Next, I was sent to a page where I could claim a free bingo ticket bundle. This signup bonus is something I’ve seen on their sibling sites, Yay Bingo and Queen Bee Bingo, a few times.

When I originally tried to redeem the deal, I ran across some technical difficulties. The ‘Session expired’ error message would show up on the deposit page. I ultimately went to Google Chrome, which has been flawless, but the harm has already been done.

Also, your best interests will be protected when playing at Bingo Besties thanks to their stringent responsible gaming policy.

This is one of the safest online bingo and casino sites due to the casino’s dual licensing in the UK and Gibraltar.

888 Holdings is the owner and operator of this site, giving you access to a wide variety of games and a reliable support staff.

Slots & Games for Bingo Lovers

When compared to other bingo sites, the site’s selection of over 500 games is rather good. While this may not seem like a lot, Bingo Besties features games from some of the industry’s top developers including NetEnt, IGT, and Williams.

The games offered by a casino can be categorized as “Hot Games,” “Daily Jackpots,” “Slots,” and “Scratch Cards.” There are thirteen pages of slots to browse, and each page displays just eight spaces. Finding a game that interested me was a chore. There is a search bar, but no options to narrow your results by genre or developer.

Slots opened in a new (and annoyingly smaller) window. I learned later that this is because the games were designed with mobile devices in mind initially.

There are two types of bingo games available: 75-ball and 90-ball. There are several rooms set up for the games, with four available at any given time. Play bingo for real money in a variety of different ways, including “Guaranteed Jackpots,” “Mystery Jackpots,” “Ace Club,” and “Free” games. The cost to play, the number of participants, and the quantity of bingo balls are all posted at each individual bingo hall.

While waiting for the balls to drop, I found the bingo layout simple to follow and the conversation function entertaining. Slot games took up a third of my screen, making everything look a bit crowded. I tried to click on one, but the game window was too wide for me to play bingo and slots at the same time. I had a few minor wins that added up to a nice profit that allowed me to leave the bingo hall happy.

In order to cash in on my free tickets, I returned to the Street Party bingo room right before the game began. I was prepared with a maximum of 12 tickets each game. There were 484 other bingo players in the room, all of us hoping to win the £250 jackpot.

Is it safe to gamble at Bingo Besties?

Because Bingo Besties is committed to responsible gambling, we do not let anybody under the age of 18 to use our services.

They are also aware that while the vast majority of players are in it for the fun of it, a subset of gamers may get fixated on the games for the financial rewards they promise.

In order to assist you maintain self-control when playing, the casino has developed the following tools:

Caps on Deposits

Time’s Up! Reminder Before the Game

No Ending Autoplay

Limitations on Your Account

Get Some Rest


They suggest calling GamCare at 0808 8020 133 for any help you might need with your gambling problem.

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