Overview of the Mining Fever Slot Machine (Rabcat)

Rabcat has your back if you’ve ever wanted to go mining for gold with a group of dwarfs. The Microgaming affiliate has designed a new slot machine with a mining theme and some fantastical elements. The game’s theme is quite specific, but the developers have done a good job of making it fit with the rest of the game. In this game, the player is joined by three jovial dwarves who not only add personality but also hand out various bonuses. You may argue that Mining Fever fits the bill for a legendary slot machine. Dwarves, sometimes known as Dvergar, may have first appeared in Norse literature. There are those who vigorously disagree. It’s evident that this is a debatable topic; instead of adding fuel to the etymological fire, let’s just get to the hacking.

It looks like a Yggdrasil game, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that if you didn’t know otherwise. And no, it’s not because Yggdrasil already offers a slot game called “Dwarf Mine”; the two are very different indeed. Instead, it’s because Mining Fever has a very Yggdrasil-esque aesthetic. Nothing wrong with that; both firms boast top-notch visual design departments. Mining Fever may not be as visually stunning as Treasure Heroes, but it’s still a pleasant experience for the eyes. The game takes place in a large mine, and players control carts that race down rails. If the animations become too distracting, the player can disable them. The scenario is reminiscent of when Harry and his friends zip through the underground vaults of Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter films.

The standard format for Mining Fever consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win. Spin stakes range from 0.20 to 40 credits when bets of 1 p/c to $/€2 are multiplied by 20. Rabcat maintains the low volatility and modest mathematical model that has become its trademark, yielding an RTP rating of 96.13%. This mine isn’t worth your time if you’re looking for a sure thing, but it’s great for relaxing with a warm glass of milk after a long day. In reality, the first spin of our test run triggered the bonus round of free spins. That was unexpected, but what happened 6 spins later—when free spins were triggered again—was even more startling. The rewards tended to balance out with time, and it wasn’t difficult to activate new ones.

There are both classic and modern symbols on the paytable, and they’re both beautifully rendered. The low paying cards, J through A, have a solid, rock/rune aesthetic and make up the bulk of the deck. Gold-plated gems, hammer tokens, a ring, a chest, and a crown with a payout of 25 times the wager for five in a row are some of the bonuses up for grabs. Five of a kind with the wild is likewise worth the same amount and is the only way to win with this card. If you have three or four wilds, you have nothing. However, the wild can replace any symbol in the shaft (with the exception of the scatter).

Slot Machine (Rabcat) Features in “Mining Fever”

In Mining Fever, the game’s three scatter symbols serve as keys to the main game’s several Boosters. Driler, Bombur, and Thundar are three of the dwarves, and each of them is adept in a different mining technique, as their names suggest. In two different ways, they activate functions. The first occurs when two of the same symbol appear on adjacent reels. If this occurs, you’ll receive 1 or 2 Bonus Spins with the corresponding Bonus Spins feature active. Here’s how the three adverbs interact:

The Driller’s Dwarven Drill comes with one free bonus spin. While the reels are spinning, Driler will drill through any of the initial three reels, filling it with wild symbols.

The Dwarven Bomb of Bombur: Bombur includes two free spins. When triggered, a bomb can appear on any of the middle three reels. During the initial Bonus Spin, the bomb substitutes for all other symbols. The bomb goes off on the second Bonus Spin, adding two to four wild symbols randomly to the reels.

Dwarf Thundar swings his hammer for 1 Bonus Spin, smashing either Reels 1 and 2 or Reels 2 and 3. The same symbols are then completely stacked on the selected reels.

Finally, the Dwarven Gold Train bonus is activated during the 8 Free Spins awarded when all 5 Dwarven Scatters appear on the reels at the same time. It’s not as thrilling as it may sound at first. The ‘train’ is more or less neighboring wild symbols. On each spin, they shift one spot to the right and one space up or down the vertical axis at random. If the train leaves the screen on the right, it will reappear on the left, and so on, until the feature is over.

Judgment on Mining Fever (Rabcat) Slot Game

Rabcat delivers more of the same in Mining Fever. That is, decent visuals and features are let down by a math model that is content to coast in neutral, and the game’s potential isn’t particularly stunning. Casual viewers or viewers only interested in the story’s characters and some harmless entertainment can enjoy Mining Fever. Those expecting huge, life-changing benefits will be sorely disappointed.

There are a lot of factors that work to keep the action moving in its favor. The problem with the features is that they are all focused on wilds and don’t do anything much else. Although features occasionally yield favorable results, they are incapable of achieving truly spectacular feats. The addition of a few sneaky multipliers might have made the game more fun, but alas, this is not that kind of slot machine. Single-spin payouts of 500 times the wager are possible, but only with extreme good luck.

Although Mining Fever’s effects are serviceable, they are weak. There is a plethora of slots with a mining theme, and the dwarves of this story will have their work cut out for them if they hope to compete with the top games in the genre.

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